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I’m Ashley Hewitt, and I give mamas the tools they need to feel better and chase down their dreams.

Let me break that down for you.


Ashley Hewitt Home was founded on the belief that God has given us unique gifts and talents.  We should use our gifts and talents to bless other people.  When we are using those talents for that purpose and giving Him the glory, life could not be more joyful.

I have a passion for leading people to wellness.

By the grace of God, I overcame my own health issues, which included debilitating anxiety and depression, weight gain and an autoimmune disease. I knew I had to teach what helped me to those still in the trenches of their struggles.

As a mama, I know firsthand, it is very easy to prioritize everyone and everything else over wellness.

However, to do the very best job we can, and to keep our cups filled to the brim so we can continually pour into others we HAVE to take care of this life we’ve been given.

The best way?

Through a sound spiritual walk, radical self-care and the pursuit of a life-giving home. In that order.

(I will explain.)

When we embark on the journey of taking care of ourselves, something extraordinary happens.

As the weight comes off, as our brain fog lifts, as we kiss stress goodbye, as our energy increases because we are moving more and fueling our bodies with the right nutrition, we start to see what we are capable of and that we were created for more.

The extraordinary allows us to reach far beyond ourselves and into places we never thought possible.  Our creative genius comes alive and makes us unstoppable. In this place, life is GOOD!


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Imagine you are fueled by the extraordinary. What if you use your special talents to not only bless others but to create a socially responsible, for-profit-for-purpose business that supports your family and it allows you the opportunity to provide massive value to your customers while loving on them so hard they truly feel cherished. And then you take the profits from those loved on customers and use them for a purpose…you know, like changing the world.

It is all about multiplying our resources. Leveraging our God-given talents in a way that serves our families, our customers and impacts the world in a positive way.

Every mama (or woman, man, child, human) is capable of this.

Maybe you’ve been longing to start a business for as long as you can remember, but you just can’t get started. Maybe entrepreneurship seems like a far-off dream because you’re too bogged down in the everyday fires that need put out, you can’t even think about doing one more thing. Maybe you are battling a health issue (anxiety anyone?) and it is all you can do to make it through the day.

But you have yearnings. You have desires for the freedoms that business ownership affords (staying home with my babies ranks high on my list).

Maybe you already own a business, but it’s just not serving you or others very well. You’ve let the hustle become a lifestyle, not a season.

Alas, maybe you just want to get well and see what happens. That’s ok, too.

(Or maybe you think, “I could never start a business”-if you think this, especially listen up. This might be my favorite part, teaching women how to become entrepreneurs.)

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with weight loss, relieving anxiety and depression, or healing your body. I believe when we are focused on something bigger than ourselves, our health struggles are naturally alleviated.

I would love to show you how.


Remember how I said the best way to keep our cups filled so we can continually pour into others….

is through a sound spiritual walk, radical self-care and the pursuit of a life-giving home. In that order.

Let’s talk more about that.


I want you to envision your life in the shape of a house. Every structural part of the house relates to an area of your life.

Your spiritual life is the foundation. Without a strong foundation, the house is sure to crumble.

The four walls create your life-giving home. These walls are your relationships, your finances, your creativity, and your environment. Walls are no doubt, necessary to provide stability for your home. But they are also a place to have some fun, express your personality through paint colors and find pleasure in decorating.

The roof is your health, in other words, self-care. Without a roof, the house will be left open to damage and destruction.

Keeping these structures strong and building them out of quality materials are the keys to a wholesome life.