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Hello! I’m Ashley…

and I created Ashley Hewitt Home for mamas who know they were created for more, who want to create a life-giving home and maybe even a thriving business, but they just don’t feel good. I am here to lead them to wellness.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. But life wasn’t always this good. I hold a Ph.D. in walking through health crises.

Out of my struggles and the methods I used to get better and get on with the life I was meant to live, this site was born.


Wanna know more?


Most days you can find me sipping London Fogs and dreaming up ways I can better serve women walking in the shoes I walked in not too long ago. I coach women who are struggling with their health and deep down know they were created to do more in this world. I am lucky to have first hand experience with how they are feeling so I can serve them straight from the heart. You can read my story here.

When I am not working with amazing women, you can find me cuddled up with a book or my guys, watching Dateline with Matt, or playing ninjas with Oliver.

If we are not cuddling, I am putting the finishing touches on the beautiful home Matt built for us, spending time with family, or volunteering for anything and everything Oliver participates in.


I am a homesteader at heart and feel completely at peace when I am in my garden, caring for animals, or cooking real food that I grew myself. Simple, intentional living is my goal-always.

As much as I am a “let’s stay home” kinda gal, I LIVE for traveling! National Parks are my favorite destination.

You wanna know what sets my heart on fire? Helping women realize they are worthy and they are worth it. Mommin’ ain’t easy and when you throw a health struggle on top of it, it’s just plain hard. If I can help a mama get well and and get on with the life she was created for, I’ve done my job.

I hope this site can be an inspiration, a wellspring for you to draw from. This site is an extension of my life-giving home. While you are here, I want it to feel like you are in my safe haven, relishing the nourishment and filling your cup so that it will overflow into your family and those you serve.


My Family



What I love most about my home is who I share it with.

It’s no secret these two are my whole world!



aka Matty Matt, Mattchew, Hewie

Lover of all things wood.  He is an exceptional craftsman, makes all of my decorating dreams come true, and keeps the yard looking like a golf course. Obsessed with french fries, the St. Louis Cardinals and the #9.  

He is my better half and keeps me steady. In some ways we are total opposites and in others we are exactly the same. We even wrote the same exact message to each other in our wedding letters! Our favorite place to be is at home, together.

He owns a construction business, specializing in decorative and stamped concrete, remodels and Pinterest style home projects.  If you are in the Central Illinois area, he is your guy.



aka Ollie Bear, O, Toodles

The little boy who made me a mama, and my absolute treasure.  He is intelligent, hilarious and the king of cuddles.  He loves math, animals, and art projects, hates wearing pants and wants to be "all the things" when he grows up.

He is all about Christmas all the time.  He has 2 dogs, one named Rudolph after the reindeer, and a real live iguana that he won at a carnival (oh joy) that he named Olivia, after himself.  His heart is on fire for Jesus, which constantly brings tears to my eyes.      

He is my sidekick, my helper and my inspiration for living my best life.  I feel beyond blessed that God chose me to be his mama bear.  


 I hold a very special place in my heart for mamas who have started or are dreaming of starting their own business.  What better way to bless your family financially while providing value to those you serve. 

I dreamt of owning my own business for as long as I can remember, hence the major in Entrepreneurship.  I held a paper route at the age of 10, babysat through my high school years, and worked in our family business as my step-father's right hand woman for over 14 years. 

It was there I learned that graciously serving people is the key to a successful business. Our customers and employees were treated as if they were part of the family. Because of the values my step-dad instilled in each and every one of us, we grew a multi-million dollar business. We also became the 3rd largest dealer in the world for one of our products. Did I mention this business was located in a town of 500?

Sadly, my step-dad passed away in 2014. But he instilled in me the heart of a servant. He provided me with an excellent example of how to do business. My hope is that I can pass what I learned from him on to other women.

I’ve also started a beyond organic farm where I raised grass-fed beef, pastured chickens and turkeys for meat, and free-range hens for eggs.     

But this business, this is my life’s mission. For more than 12 years I knew I was made for this work. It took years of soft whispers, gentle nudges and flat out smacks in the face for me to figure that out.

I am so grateful for each and every minute I walked in that deep, dark place because when a mama comes to me for help, I know exactly how she is feeling. I’ve been there. And I can help. I am even more grateful for that day that I chose faith over fear and decided to make a change. To God be the glory.


Those dreams though…

whether vibrant or distant. Of that side hustle or that full time gig. Maybe its missions work. Maybe it's serving your family better. Maybe you are already doing it, but you're so beat down it's not serving you or those you love.

Whatever it is, and you know what it is-is your greatest chance of making an impact, leaving a legacy and seriously living a life full of joy.

This is your permission slip. Your invitation. Let’s get started.