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You know that life you thought you’d be living by now?

Start living it.


I see you pretty mama.

You are tired. You are anxious. You are overwhelmed. You feel trapped in a body that doesn't match your beautiful heart. You know you were created for more.

You love your family so much it hurts, and you feel they deserve better from you. You want to LIVE the life God created you for, but you just don't FEEL good.

You know this isn’t you. You want a change.

You don't have the energy to do ONE.MORE.THING., but you are tired of feeling like this.

I’ve been there, too.


Welcome! I’m Ashley, and I give mamas the tools they need to feel better, live better, and chase down their dreams.

Ashley Hewitt Home was founded on the belief that God has given us unique gifts and talents.  We should use our gifts and talents to bless other people.  When we are using those talents for that purpose and giving Him the glory, life could not be more joyful.


I have a passion for leading people to wellness.

By the grace of God, I overcame my own health issues, which included debilitating anxiety and depression, weight gain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and an autoimmune disease. I knew I had to teach what helped me to those still in the trenches of their struggles.

As a mama, I know firsthand, it is very easy to prioritize everyone and everything else over your own wellbeing.

However, to do the very best job you can, and to keep your cup filled to the brim so you can continually pour into others you HAVE to take care of this life you’ve been given.

Let me show you how.


A Step By Step Approach To Living Well

Let’s face it. We’re all busy, and we all want things to change-like NOW! While I cannot wave a magic wand, I can teach you a step by step approach to feeling better, creating a life-giving home for your family, AND pursuing that life you always thought you’d be living.

Your dreams are real, mama. And you deserve to be the star of them.


Love On Yourself

Mama, it’s time to do you. The first step to feeling better is to simply look at what you are doing for your body. In the form of food, thoughts, movement, self-care, stress management, etc. With some simple tweaks you will be feeling like your best self in no time.


Simplify Your Life

Let’s clear the clutter. From your home, your calendar, your mind. All of it. We will create a peaceful life-giving home, routines, and systems to keep your life in the flow state to free up your time and energy for what matters.


Define Your Dreams

….and start living them!

You know what was the biggest cause of my anxiety and fatigue? Not living up to my potential. When I started living on purpose and in pursuit of the life I want to live, everything fell into place.

Let’s turn your dreams into a plan and get movin’.


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That’s me. Ashley Hewitt.



I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship. I have combined my love for wellness with my love for business to help mamas use their gifts to change the world. 

As a holistic health coach, I realize our relationships, our spiritual lives, our financial fitness, our creativity, how we serve others, and our joy+adventure are just as important to wellness as the foods we eat.

As a busy mama, I realize how hard it can be to make yourself a priority. After severe battles with anxiety and depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a chronic autoimmune disease, I found a way to prioritize my wellness, while still showing up for my family (in an even better way), so that I can live the life I was created for: to serve you!